Community Engagement Site

Community Engagement Sites are "hubs" for Community members to access programs, services and courseware through videoconferencing or other broadband learning applications. Rather than traveling to major centres to access opportunities, rural residents like students, seniors, business and industry owners, and workers will make the connection over the SuperNet.

Instead of trying to navigate the learning applications and opportunities on their own, on-site support will be available to coach and guide them. This support is crucial to begin developing a "culture of use" so that people can achieve the full benefits and the full potential this type of high-speed access can provide.

Carstairs offers health and wellness, legal, business, personal development, social media, computer, agriculture and travel programs and hopes to offer post secondary programming in 2013.

Community Engagement Site Brochure


Please contact  Carstairs Public Library 403.337.3943 to learn more about upcoming programs.