Development Notices

The Town of Carstairs is dedicated to ensuring that growth within the community conforms to the Land Use Bylaw. Any development projects require prior application and approval.

Development permits are available through the Town Office. Building Permits are required prior to construction. Please remember: a development permit is required for inside projects such as basement renovations and additions. The Town of Carstairs does not issue gas, plumbing and electrical permits.

Contact the Town office at 403-337-3341 for permits before you are ready to start your project. To see application forms for deck construction or building permit applications, please visit our Documents and Forms page.

About Development Notices
Development notices will be published in the local newspaper and on the Town website once submitted to the Planning and Development Department. Any person who feels they may be affected by the issuance of these development permits may appeal in writing to the Planning and Development Director within fourteen (14) days of the date of the publication of the notice. More information may be obtained at the Town Office.

Current Development Notices
The following Development Permits have been issued for the proposed developments:






Appeal can be made prior to May 23, 2017



Appeal can be made prior to May 30, 2017










32-17   458-400 Carriage Lane Cres.             Deck
33-17   36 Stone Garden Cres.                     Completion to Occupancy
34-17   34 Stone Garden Cres.                     Completion to Occupancy



35-17   31 Havenfield Drive                            Single Family Dwelling w/deck
36-17   1457 Aldrich Place                              Basement Development
37-17   1461 Aldrich Place                              Deck Modification





DON'T FORGET! A development permit is required for projects such as decks, basement, home renovations and additions.  Questions or concerns can be directed to the Planning and Development Department. 

Public Hearings
From time to time Town Council will call Public Hearings to address certain issues of importance to residents, including, but not limited to, amendments to the Land Use Bylaw. Check this page or the Community Events Calendar for notice of the next Public Hearing. Call Town Office at 403-337-3341 to confirm dates and times.

Public Notice

Dillon Consulting Public Notice

Scarlet Ranch Public Hearing April 21, 2017

ATCO Gas Public Notice