Planning & Development

The Planning and Development Department manages development in the town and plans for the growth of Carstairs.
The Land Use Bylaw  and Municipal Development Plan are the guidelines the department follows for appropriate management.

For Building and Development Fee's, Land Use Redesignation Application Fee's or Subdivision Application Fee's please see the 2018 Rates and Fees Bylaw #1054 in effect March 1, 2018. 

Public Hearings

Town Council will call Public Hearings to address certain issues of importance to residents, including, but not limited to, amendments to the Land Use bylaw. Notice of Public Hearings will be included here.


A Real Property Report is necessary to determine compliance with municipal bylaws. A municipality reviews and endorses the Real Property Report and indicates if the improvements meet the requirements of the local bylaws. The property owner can then resolve any outstanding issues identified by the municipality. Early preparation of a Real Property Report and inquiring on any projects without permits significantly speeds up the process of selling a property. Our office requires four originals signed and stamped by the surveyor and a fee of $50.00.