What is it?

Adopt-a-park is a volunteer program in which Carstairs residents assist in the maintenance and care of their community's green space and parks, coordinated by the Parks & Naturalized Areas Department. 

Why Volunteer?

Adopt-a-Park volunteers not only feel a sense of pride and ownership for their communities, they also: 

  • Make a visible difference in their neighborhoods
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Help reduce vandalism
  • Make their community a safer place
  • Meet great people

If you are interested in helping maintain one of our beautiful town green spaces either picking weeds, garbage, clean-up or mowing, please contact Parks and Naturalized Areas Department for more info at 403.337.3446 johni@carstairs.ca

The following parks require volunteers from May 1st to September 30th each year.

  • 10 Avenue Fireman's Park  
  • 13th Ave Elk's Park
  • Carriage Lane (2)
  • Carstairs Links
  • Carstairs Memorial Arena
  • Champion Road Swale
  • MacEwan Place
  • McDonald Close Park
  • MeadowPark  
  • Scottsdale Park
  • Stern Park
  • Tiny Lafleur Memorial Park
  • Village Green
  • West Highlands Park
  • West Highlands at Idaho St.  
  • Memorial Park