Covid 19 Information


Recent increases in Covid numbers have prompted new measures from the Alberta Government and Alberta Health. Mountain View County which Carstairs is a part of is in the enhanced zone or purple zone and as such will be mandated by these new measures. The Town of Carstairs is taking these measures very seriously as we continue to try to fight the spread of Covid 19.

  • The Town of Carstairs office remains open during these enhanced Covid measures. Please limit in person visits to the office by contacting us at 403.337.3341. Payments can be made via egov. Please call us if you need help signing up or click on the website listed below.
  • 2020 has been a challenging year and we recognize that you may need support right now. We want to remind you that there are resources available in our community to support you and your family. Call Carstairs FCSS 403.940.3327 or click on the website listed below.

Information is changing quickly. Important websites have been listed below to keep you informed.

               Check these websites for current information.


                           Covid Information Websites



Covid Information for Albertans Covid Information for Albertans

Provincial Restrictions and COVID Status Map

Alberta Restrictions and COVID Map

Chief Medical Officer Updates

Chief Medical Officer Updates

Alberta Health Services Covid Information

Alberta Health Services Novel Coronavirus Page

Provincial Support for Albertans

Support for Albertans

Federal Support for Canadians

Support for all Canadians


Town of Carstairs egov

Town of Carstairs egov

Town of Carstairs FCSS


Psychological coping during a pandemic              
Psychological coping