Health & Medical Services

There are three clinics in Carstairs: two medical clinics, and a chiropractic clinic. Hospital services are run through the Didsbury Acute Care Facility, located ten minutes north of Carstairs, and part of the Alberta Health Services - Calgary Zone.

The Didsbury District Health Services (Hospital) has 15 acute care beds and an 82 bed continuing care centre. It serves 10,000 people in the Didsbury, Carstairs, Cremona, Water Valley and rural areas.

 Counseling Services

Carstairs Medical Clinic
Address: 208 10 Ave N Carstairs, AB
Phone: 403.337.0282
Website: Carstairs Medical Clinic

Carstairs Family Chiropractic
Address: 219 10 Ave Carstairs, AB
Phone: 403.630.6411
Website: Carstairs Family Chiropractic

Carstairs Dental Centre
Address: 118 Hammond St Carstairs, AB
Phone: 403.337.2332
Website: Carstairs Dental Centre

Carstairs Remedy Pharmacy
Address: Unit #1, 219 10 Ave S Carstairs, AB 
Phone: 403.337.3313
Email: carstairsrx@gmail.com
Facebook: Carstairs Remedy Pharmacy

Didsbury Hospital
Address: 1210 - 20 Ave Didsbury, AB 
Phone: 403.335.9393
Website: Didsbury Hospital

Didsbury Mental Health Unit
Address: 1210 20 Ave Didsbury, AB
Phone: 403.335.7285
Website: Didsbury Mental Health Unit

Home Care
Didsbury Hospital
Address: 1210 20 Ave Didsbury, AB
Phone: 403.335.7603

Didsbury Hospital
Address: 1210 20 Ave Didsbury, AB
Phone: 403.335.7292

Carstairs Family Pharmasave
Address: 309 10 Ave S Carstairs, AB
Phone: 403.337.3044
Website: Carstairs Family Pharmasave

Snowy Owl Medical Clinic
Address; 1118 Hammond St Carstairs, AB
Phone: 403.807.8864
Website: Snowy Owl Medical Clinic