Your efforts make the Adopt-A-Park program a success, andCarstairs the best place to live!” 

There is a task for everyone, regardless of the amount of time they may have. Some volunteers spend a few minutes each day in a park near their homes, some volunteers perform weekly activities like watering the flower beds and assisting with picking up garbage and spring/fall cleanup (garbage bags are supplied by the town). 

During the course of your volunteer commitment, you will agree to perform a variety of activities on a weekly basis. Here are some guidelines to follow: 

Litter Control

Collecting litter is not a glamorous job, but the results can be dramatic. Sometimes it is all the park needs. We encourage you to wear gloves at all times. 

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Spring and fall cleanup for parks is usually accomplished with very few staff employed at the time. Help from volunteers is greatly needed in many parks throughout our town. Collection of papers, cans, and other refuse to raking leaves, grass and picking up small branches in the park will yield amazing results. 

Arrange with Operational Services a site where filled bags can be collected and inform staff of the location of any large items for later removal. 

Vandalism Watch

It is obvious when people care about their neighborhood parks and observe the activities within the park, vandalism usually decreases. Volunteers should not approach dangerous or uncomfortable situations themselves. If it is a crime in progress call 911.

Please report any damage done to town property to Operational Services such as: trees, fences, benches, tables, graffiti etc.  

Weed Removal

Weeds will always grow anywhere and the Town of Carstairs does their best to control invasive and noxious weeds with the resources they have. Weed spraying involves community signage and/or closing areas to users while spraying is done.    

Volunteer Information

Please fill out the following work form of the duties you performed in the park as this information from the work record is very important! The number of volunteer hours and the tasks volunteers perform are used for many purposes, including recognition of your efforts as a volunteer. 

We would also like to read your comments about the Adopt-A-Park program or your park, and your ideas and suggestions for improving them.

Please return the work record form to Operational Services by October 1. After your work record has been reviewed your payment will be applied to your utility account for your volunteer service by end of the year’s billing.

The following parks require volunteers from May 1st to September 30th each year.

  • 10 Avenue Fireman's Park  
  • 13th Ave Elk's Park
  • Carriage Lane (2)
  • Carstairs Links
  • Carstairs Memorial Arena
  • Champion Road Swale
  • MacEwan Place
  • McDonald Close Park
  • Meadow Park  
  • Memorial Park
  • Scottsdale Park
  • Stern Park
  • Tiny LaFleur Memorial Park
  • Village Green
  • West Highlands Park
  • West Highlands at Idaho St. 

Thank you for your support! 

Please contact Corriena Fox with any questions or concerns at 403.337.3446 or email to

2024 Adopt a Park Application Form

2024 Adopt a Park Hour Tracker Form