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Cemetery & Columbarium

The Carstairs Cemetery and columbarium are located west of town beside the Carstairs Emergency Services building. They are managed and maintained by the Town of Carstairs. Please contact the Town Office for information on purchasing or selling plots. To see our rates, please review the  Rates and Fees Fees Bylaw for a complete listing of fees or the attached Cemetery Rates. The Cemetery Monument Permit Form must be completed prior to any installation of monuments.

The Town of Carstairs is currently working on a cemetery expansion. The expansion will be to the north of the existing cemetery. Two more columbarium towers were added to expand the available columbarium niches.

We are grateful to IODE, the Carstairs Elks Club, the Lions Club, and KW welding for their generous aid in the commissioning of the original columbarium towers.

Town of Carstairs - Cemetery Map*

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